What is GEO:

Global Education Outreach, (GEO) is a team of experienced professionals serving senior administrators and program directors with strategic outreach initiatives. GEO provides comprehensive expertise to support international education and training projects.

Why chose GEO:

GEO empowers decision-makers and stakeholders with specialized education tools that facilitate international partnerships to produce a return-on-investment for the community.

Our interests include cross-cultural transfer of skills through intern-mentoring, continuing professional development, adult learning partnerships and tracking the application of acquired skills through the workplace and indigenous community. Current studies explore 'Mediation Tools for Change' through 'culturation' and 'transformation'. (Picture here of window on the world)


GEO provides:


GEO brochure (PDF)
Publications (PDFs) (UNESCO 2005, NASA-GOES 2003, EDUSAT 1997, NANIP 1993)
NASA Earth Science Technology (ESTO) 2005, streaming video. (put video on DotEasy server)